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We are the sole owners of Mike German Pinscher Puppies Home Puppies and will continue to be directly involved with day to day operations. Our family has 12 years experience caring for puppies and providing valuable experience, advice and hands-on care of our little ones.


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Thanks for stopping at Mike German Pinscher Puppies Home. If you are looking for the best portie puppies for sale, then you are at the right place, we are a family of loving responsible German Pinscher breeders. Our sole purpose is to find amazing homes for our beloved portie babies. It’s our highest aim to have bred the healthiest puppies possible, which is why we are able to extend an up to 10-year health guarantee!

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At Mike German Pinscher Puppies Home ® we promise a puppy experience like no other. We specialise in purebreds, desirable pure-breeds and a variety of larger and specialty breeds as well. All in a relaxed, intimate setting. We also offer premium pet merchandise in our unique boutique filled with the highest quality, most exclusive pet accessories and supplies available.

Our Mission

We focus on improvement of the breed. What this means to us is that we always make a conscious effort to study the health, temperament, conformation and pedigrees of our Dogs, and make any needed improvements when planning our breeding. When we breed, we are always looking for our next home bred champion! or better still good and perfect homes.

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Here are a few pictures of barley ( he was benson to you). He loves growling at his reflection in the fireplace glass. He still very much enjoys getting into everything!

Daryl Mcpeters

Sasha is such a good girl. We love her to death. Thank you soo much.



Mary, thank you so much! My daughter olivia cried when she saw her!..! She is fitting in nicely.


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